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 Background information

 nature of information    organisation  web address

 rights and obligations of employees and temporary
 employees working in the construction industry outside
 their own country

   FIEC en EFBWW  www.posting-workers.eu

 temporary employees in the Netherlands

   ABU  www.abu.nl

 foreign temporary employees in the Netherlands



 government information about working in the Netherlands

   Ministry of Social Affairs and
   Employment (SZW)


 Government organisation for affairs concerning working
   Arbeidsinspectie (Health and
   Safety Inspectorate)


 Administrator of Dutch national insurances.    Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Social    Insurance Bank )

 Government organisation for affairs concerning taxation
 and benefits
   Belastingdienst (tax authorities)

 Employers’ and employees’ organisations for the Dutch construction industry

 nature of information    organisation  web address

 working conditions / employers

   Bouwend Nederland  www.bouwendnederland.nl

 working conditions / employees

   FNV Bouw (Building Union)  www.fnvbouw.nl

 working conditions / employees

   CNV Vakmensen (Trade Union    Federation)


 working conditions / employers    
   NVB Vereniging voor ontwikkelaars    en bouwondernemers (Dutch    Banking Association, department
   for developers and construction    companies)


 working conditions / employers    
   Vereniging van Waterbouwers    (Association for Hydraulic    Engineering)


 working conditions / employers    


 working conditions / employers