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Does any construction or employment organisation fail to comply with current regulations?
And are you or the employees involved confronted with serious abuse as a result?
Or is your construction company faced with unfair competition because of that?

Bureau naleving & werkingssfeer
You can report such abuse to a bureau that has been established especially for such cases by employers’ and employees’ organisations taking part in the Collective Agreement for the Construction Industry: Bureau naleving & werkingssfeer [Bureau for Compliance and Application].
They see to it that all parties under the obligation to comply with current collective agreement provisions, actually do so. The bureau is part of the Technisch Bureau Bouwnijverheid.

Please use this notification form if you have something to report.

Conditions and privacy
Reports can only be dealt with by Bureau naleving & werkingssfeer if:
• the notification in question is based on a well-founded suspicion that the collective agreement for the construction industry is being
    unjustifiably breached and
• the sender makes his or her name and address known to the bureau.

The information received by you via the notification form is only used by us for the purpose for which the form is intended. Your personal details are treated confidentially and in strict compliance with the Dutch Privacy Protection Act. Personal details are never revealed to third parties.

Bureau naleving & werkingssfeer
Postbus 1128
3840 BC Harderwijk



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